Thursday, November 23, 2017

Escape from YYC

Where?  How?  When? 

How to plan a runaway.

We came home from a sweet holiday that went sour.  The Italians have a saying: La Dolce Vita.  Which means the sweet life.  With all the economic situation in Italy the way it is, the saying has changed to:  La Dolce Vita e Finita.  The sweet life is over!

When life gets tough the tough get going.  Where are they going to go?  So . . . .

I started planning my run away and so did my Italian husband.  I would plan on leaving my empty nest.  Questions I asked myself:  Where would I go?  How would I get there?  When would I leave?  What would I take?  How long would I stay?  How much money would I need?  What do I really really want?

Planning a trip for a holiday is one thing.  Planning a runaway for an extended period of time, totally different.

Where would I go?  How much would it cost?

  • Divorce - That was my first option.  Take half the money and get the heck out of here.  So I started my research.  Living in a condo - you need to pay condo fees.  I had no income.  Getting my Canada Pension Plan  in a couple of years wouldn't cover food, shelter and transportation.  So I'd have to give up my car.  Which lead to me look for a condo on (YYC-Calgary) Calgary's C Train line (public transportation). 
  • Volunteer - To teach English.  Over a couple of weeks I read what I could and came across a reputable company.  When I filled out their questionnaire about where to volunteer.  I was shocked at the place it chose for me due to my age, likes and qualities.  Naples Italy!  That's where my husband is from.  Really, why not.  That's the best place I could be.  I understand Neapolitan a bit.  I love Italy.  Let's see what happens.  But that's only for a few weeks.  Hence I could leave for a couple of weeks to a month.  (Funny movie I've watched in the past:  Shirley Valentine - she ran away to Greece for 2 weeks)
  • Snowbird - I could become a snowbird for a month in Arizona.  That would cost a minimum of $2000.00 a month plus car rental, food and entertainment.  Live in Mexico for 3 months.  Not sure how much that would cost.  For more than a moth without family around that wouldn't be fun.
  • I will expand on the other ideas I came up with.  Such as living in a retirement center ($3500.00 a month) 

But for now my time is limited on what activities I can and can not do with my time AS I'M stuck here looking after a man who thinks he's invincible.  A man who is very impatient.  That man is my Neapolitan husband. 

He has a concussion.  Broken both wrists.  One had to be reset.  Two types of casts.  One plaster and one fiberglass.  Going to see a surgeon to see if he'll need surgery as he crushed a few bones on the wrist of the arm he uses to work with.  To stop the impact of hitting his head on a brick wall playing indoor soccer.

Just before this happened, he was planning his running away too!!  Now he's stuck with me.  No driving for 2 months.  He needs me for just about everything.

Happy husband, happy home, happy wife oh what a wonderful life!!

Do you think My Big G is trying to tell us something!  Our daughter said to us "You two are meant to stay together.  Pa, when the Dr tells you to be kind to your wife, take it seriously.  If that's all you learn from this situation let that be your lesson!"  

Last November he was pulling up my pants after breast cancer surgery.  This year I am pulling up his pants.  Who is wearing the pants in this family?  My Big G is telling us to be kind and take care of each other.

I hope you look forward to further updates.  We have much to be thankful for.  So I'll focus on being grateful as I missed the Canadian Thanksgiving while on holiday in Italy.  

Much love, 

Mrs. Encouragement  
p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Courage in Croatia

Espresso, Gelato and Courageous Women!

We were on a cruise.  Rome to Venice.  To begin our day in Zadar Croatia.  The stop before Venice. We found our selves on a bus with 2 new friends from our evening dinner table and the friends we were travelling with.  The bus which was provided by the cruise ship at no cost was the only form of transportation.  It was a long drive into the old town center.  It would have been too long of a walk to get there.  Never saw a taxi along the way or any tour guides like in Valletta - Malta, or Kotor- Montenegro.

We walked around for quite some time enjoying the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the area.  We ladies noticed that the men could not walk and talk.  One of the men requested that we sit down to enjoy the view and have a drink.  We were sitting outside in the sun. 

I needed something to eat and get out of the sun!  A drink would have sent me over board. 

I'm Type 2 Diabetic so drinking water and having many snacks keeps me going.  Yet I feel so uncomfortable being the only one eating in a group setting.  

I did order a salad which would have satisfied a mouse.  I was still not feeling like myself.  So I went to the bathroom to look into my grab bag of snackies.  I was about ready to open up my foil pouch, but in walked two other women.  When they left in walked another one.  So I went into the inner dining area where the servers were coming and going.  No one said anything as I quickly swallowed the chicken and quinoa in the baby food foil pouch.  

I then went for a short walk down the path and got something else out of my bag to sustain by blood sugar.

By then my husband came over to tell me the others noticed I wasn't doing well.  I assured him I'd be OK soon and I'd join them again.

As I made my way to the table our friends were ready to go go go again!  I asked who paid and said thank you.  We made our way around another part of the old town.  We came across a gelato and espresso bar.  Wonderful.  We loved espresso and our friends loved gelato.  As we enjoyed our espresso one of our friends was talking up a storm with a couple of the clients who were enjoying their gelato.

With this being a new business in the area of only 3 months, our friend did a survey to see what the customers would enjoy with their espresso or gelato.  I believe the consensus was 'cinnamon buns'.  The aroma would bring in more customers.

One of the customers was at the table next to ours.  Turns out she was visiting her friend who was the owner of the espresso/gelato bar.  The owner over heard me talking to my daughter on the phone.  She understood English and said "You're so lucky you'll be seeing your daughter soon!  I will not be able to see my mother as she passed away a year ago from Cancer.  I left home when I was 17 and only saw her once a year.
Now I have time to visit with my mother and she's gone.  My friend had breast cancer this year and has come to visit me!"  

What could I do but bring out my 'Courage' sign!  So that's just what I did.  I told her the cancer stories of our group.  We shared a few tears then took a photo and began the walk back to the bus.  That is the story of Courage in Croatia.

Where does Courage show up in your life?  

Much love,
Mrs. Encouragement